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Dental Care for Sleep

Do Mouth Guards bought from a Pharmacy stop Snoring?

Video Transcript

The problem with the Boil and bite or the temporary appliance, whether it’s online or through a pharmacy, is that in fact it may give you a negative outcome and that doesn’t mean that the correctly made customised appliance will give you a negative outcome. So it’s what we call a false negative.

However, the good news is that if you do get a positive outcome from one of those appliances, then that will extrapolate, extrapolate nicely into the custom made appliance. So the custom appliance is pretty much guaranteed to work.

So you have to be careful. Within the American group they are completely against and says there’s no place. I completely disagree with that. The other thing we’ve got to remember is not all demographics of our society can afford the beautiful CPAP or the beautiful mandibular advancement splint that fits perfectly is comfortable, correctly adjusted and everything. Not everyone can do that. So there is a place also for the boil and bite type appliance for people who can’t invest that sort of money in the ideal treatment.

Because what we know is that, like I said before, if you get a positive response, then that can only be considered positive for outcomes, maybe until such time as the good treatment can be afforded.

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