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Dental Care for Sleep

Do Oral Appliances Hurt?

Video Transcript

They caused discomfort on average for about three nights, so it’s a bit like, I call it exercise pain.

So if you go to the gym, you’re doing your exercise, everything’s great. But then the next day you go, oh, my God, I’ve been to the gym. And probably if you went to the gym for the next three days, you’d experience the same thing. And miraculously, on about day four, you’d feel fine. So that’s pretty much a good analogy to how splints are when you first get them to suggest that there is some discomfort, pain or hurt is not the right way to describe it.

It’s like exercise discomfort. And you know what? As you know, there’s drugs for that.Now with CPAP, they have side effects, too. Basically, they don’t hurt.

But some people, if you’re on a really high pressure with CPAP, you have to pull the straps so tight to keep the mask planted to your face that in fact, you do get some discomfort from that. But generally, no CPAP doesn’t hurt. You just get discomfort. Perhaps aerophagia,  I think that would be the worst side effect. Getting the air pumped into your stomach so probably not very pleasant. And it’s interesting because it’s long term side effects.

We’ve been talking about pain, so pain’s pretty much manageable, but there are long term side effects from both treatments. So obviously no treatments, the best treatment.

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