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Dental Care for Sleep

How much does an Oral Appliance cost?

Video Transcript

There’s several ways to approach for this, one is to go the snake oil salesman and say how how much is too much for a good night’s sleep? And as much as that sounds corny, cliche and a bit American, it’s actually a fair call because that is the way you’ve got to weigh it up. So it’s not inexpensive, but surprisingly, it it can be as cheap as you know, if you go on to some sort of care plan, you can get it.

 50 to 100 dollars a week would pretty much cover the cost of the Rolls-Royce splint therapy. It takes about six months to get there. But,  it’s still very affordable to even have the best. But there are some less expensive options that we look at because not everyone can afford the best. But certainly if you can, it’s worth it. You really do get what you pay for. Now, as far as cost of CPAP and a really good splint, they’re comparable in cost.

Why we’re reluctant sometimes to talk about cost this directly is because you’re not going to COLES and buying something off the shelf. It’s a customized or bespoke sort of appliance that’s custom made for you. So there’s a lot of work to get to the point before you get to a splint, because obviously it’s a dental treatment of a medical condition. So both disciplines have to be respected. So essentially, you can’t just expect to go and get a splint.

You cannot put a mandibular advancement splint on rotten teeth. It’s that simple. So you have to have a full dental check. You have to have appropriate radiography. You have to be told all the possible side effects long term and short term. You have to be told what your realistic expectation of an outcome is. So when we say to you, you know what, it’s about two grand to have this treatment, you’re not actually buying something that costs two grand youre buying a whole treatment that costs about two thousand dollars.

The other good thing, of course, is that if youre health funded , there are rebates etc  from health funds  for dental treatment, which is really good. So that makes it also a little bit more affordable. The cost of PAP, it’s not really my area, but it’s like  keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So I can tell you that cost wise it’s about the same. But you have consumables in PAP, so you do have to change the mask regularly and sometimes the hoses and things like that.

So it is a more consumable process. The costs, the ongoing costs for splint therapy is review. So we review the patients dentally and of course, checking for their treatment outcomes as well. So there is an ongoing cost with both of them and they’re probably quite comparable.

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