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Dental Care for Sleep

Lifestyle changes to Avoid Sleep Apnea

Video Transcript

Number one is lose weight. Number two is lose weight. And number three is lose weight. Number four is don’t sleep on your back. Number five is don’t sleep on your back. And number six is don’t sleep on your back. Number seven is have a clear nasal airway. So you can’t afford to have a blocked nose. If you have a blocked nose, you will turn into a mouth breather. And and pretty much as soon as you tend to a mouth breather, you pretty much increase your risk of snoring.

So it’s like keep your mouth shut. But, you know, there’s a whole raft of things that you have to address. For instance, we call it a generic term is sleep hygiene. So, you know, we shouldn’t be having coffee or alcohol before we go to bed. We shouldn’t be sleeping in a bedroom that has technology. So you should not have a TV in your bedroom and watch it and then go straight to sleep.

So you must always be aware of those very simple strategies. And that’s in fact, we should start in your treatment of snoring. And there’s some very non-invasive tools. I’ve mentioned night shift. I really don’t want to endorse any products, but that’s a really clever tool for keeping you off your back and forget pillows and balls in your pajamas and rubbish because you’ll just fight your way around.

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