Dental Care for Sleep

How loud does a Snore have to be to disrupt your Partner?

Video Transcript

You have to be really careful about using a cut off for what’s acceptable, but generally under 50 decibels can be acceptable. But we would be aiming for probably under 20 decibels. 20 decibels is a very like a whisper or just above a whisper. 50 decibels is probably the background noise we’re sitting in now with a computer monitor going an air conditioner probably would be around there as well. So that gives you an idea somewhere between a whisper and an air conditioner most people can sleep through, which we would say about 50 decibels is a fair cut off.

And if you look at some of the apparatus, we use a thing called night shift with a positional modifier. So something that keeps you off your back, then they’re sort of they measure or a decibel so snores over 50 decibels. So they interpret that over 50 decibels is unacceptable.