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Dental Care for Sleep


“On my last visit Dr. Christopher Pantin changed my treatment to the use of double elastic. The fabulous news is that two nights ago my husband returned from his two months away in the Navy and managed to sleep in the same bed as me for the entire night, on both nights. The first time in about eight years. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Sharon S said.


“I struggled using the CPAP mask for years. It was uncomfortable and my wife would complain that it was disturbing her sleep. I went and saw Dr. Christopher Pantin and he suggested using an oral appliance treatment. Now thanks to him both my wife and I are sleeping undisturbed throughout the night. Great job,” Peter D said.


“Sleep. I hadn’t had a decent night for longer than I could remember. Enter Dr. Val Bennett at Absolute Sleep who literally changed my life. Her and the team guided me through the whole treatment process, fitted a mouth guard that was compact and easy to use. She really made an effort to make me feel comfortable especially when I had no knowledge about sleep apnoea to begin with. If you suffer from sleep apnoea I would definitely recommend them for your treatment,” Jaco V said.


“Sleep Dentistry is a new area of Dental practice and I strongly endorse Associate Professor Christopher Pantin and Dr Valerie Bennett. They are both expert in this new field, which is particularly suitable for your patients who may snore, have mild to moderate sleep apnoea, or even for some of those who have failed CPAP therapy. I trust both doctors implicitly, to give a brilliant service and to provide “state of the art” care for those needing mandibular splints,” Dr Stewart Cullen MBBS FRACP Sleep Physician said.

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