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What about women and Sleep Apnea

Video Transcript

One of the risk factors for having sleep apnoea and we haven’t even talked about risk factors for actually having sleep apnoea, but one of the main ones is being a male. And the other one, funnily enough, is being a postmenopausal female. So we see a lot of women. And it’s really interesting because 30 years ago, when I started this work, we hardly saw any women, mainly because they were sort of in denial. It was uncool to snore.

Women don’t snore like women don’t sweat. They just glow, well, along those same lines. But, thankfully with equality the way it is, they’re coming forward now. So we see a lot of women. And I would suspect that in my practice now, I’d say we’re about 50/50. And it’s really interesting, as it’s not restricted to the more mature ladies. We see a lot of young females, a lot of young, thin females also with obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring.

So it’s very interesting. Everyone’s sort of coming out of the closet a bit more. And it’s quite phenomenal. If you look at the epidemiological studies on obstructive sleep apnoea, when you look at the gender differences, it’s quite significant. It’s much greater in males and females. But of course, a lot of those studies were started many years ago. So maybe that would be different if we were starting those now.

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