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How often do Oral Appliances need to be reviewed?

Video Transcript

Again, we try to customize our reviews to suit the patient, so the rule of thumb is that you have your appliance given to you. We review after a couple of weeks to a month, depending on who’s doing it, I’m a two week, because basically, if there’s any changes or anything that needs to be done, you can pick it up at two weeks. And also we can coach you to get a quicker, better outcome at two weeks rather than waiting a whole month with perhaps no outcome.

Disappointment, lack of compliance because you feel the treatment doesn’t work. So it’s all that’s what really makes it work, is the support you get. We then see you again usually at six months. And we say to patients that we want to see a six month, the first two years, because we know that’s a critical time on every level, on the medical level, on the dental level, that’s a critical period. The first two years after that or even during that, we might see you at six months, be really happy and not see for a year.

But basically we monitor you until you either die or until you stop the treatment. So if you stop using our treatment, we don’t keep contacting you and asking you to come and be reviewed. But if you die, of course, we don’t call you either. But generally, that’s how you how you stop being followed up. So and that’s the secret to it.

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