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Dental Care for Sleep

Why people don’t like C-PAP

Video Transcript

It’s cumbersome, it’s not particularly noisy anymore, the machines are absolutely sensational now, they’re been extremely quiet and really and they’re portable, more portable, and you can transport them. So all the things that used to annoy people as they weren’t transportable, they were noisy, and they disturb the bed partners sleep. They  basically gave some side effects. So, for instance, if the air went down the wrong hole, you can end up with a bloated gut, basically what they call aerophagia. So that was pretty nasty. The other thing about the noise with the sleep partner is they actually can have leakage. So if you have a high pressure on your CPAP, it can often leak and sort of cool the bed partner down when it’s two degrees. So it’s not popular for that. But the other thing that’s really probably not given enough support is the psychology of having a what would appear to be a life support machine, because that’s what psychologically a lot of patients say to us.

That’s how they feel it is. It’s a life support.

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